Sunday, December 18, 2016

Ameda Lactaline with promo bundle

Ameda Breast Pump Highlight

Ameda Breast Pumps were one of the first to offer closed-system technology in a personal-use breast pump. This is made possible through use of Ameda’s patented silicone diaphragm, which prevents breast milk from entering the tubing of the milk collection kit. By preventing milk from entering the tubing, this ensures that the motor in all Ameda breast pumps remains sterile, which is much safer for your child.

All Ameda breast pumps offer customizable suction strength and cycle speed settings. The infinitely adjustable cycle speed and suction strength of Ameda Purely Yours breast pumps offers an unlimited number of combinations, allowing you to find the pumping method that works best for you.

Ameda Promo Bundle includes FreeDelivery & GST

Ameda Accessory purchase of RM50.

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